Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everyday objects that look like VSEPR's!

1) Trigonal Pyramidal - This is a stand for a camera that can basically wrap around anything.  Most of the time it's in this shape which reminds me of a Trigonal Pyramidal VSEPR.

2) Linear - This is the back truck of my skateboard.  If you imagine the 2 wheels and the bolt in the middle are atoms, it looks like a Linear VSEPR diagram.

3) Bent - This coat hanger reminds me of a Bent molecular geometry if you disregard the cardboard bottom.

4) Trigonal Planar - My old slingshot makes me think of a Trigonal Planar molecular geometry.

5) Tetrahedral - This is my multi-tool that I use to fix up my skateboard.  Because of the 4 prongs, it reminds me of a Tetrahedral molecular geometry.

Chemistry Haiku

(pretend bongo drums are playing when you read this)

O covalent bonds,
Atoms sharing electrons,
Mostly non-metals

NOTE: I would have used electronegativity in the poem but it has 8 syllables, so don't count off points please.