Thursday, September 9, 2010


Physical Properties:

Phy 1) The color of the banana peel is yellow, which is easy to see in the picture above.  This is why it is my first physical properties.

Phy 2) The soft texture of the banana peel is the second physical property because the hardness of an item is very useful.

Phy 3) The banana peel is not conductive, the third physical property.  This is proven in the picture above, showing a banana peel hooked up to a battery and light bulb in a circuit.  If the peel was conductive then the light bulb would be lit up.  Since it is not then I have proved it is not conductive.

Phy 4) The banana peel is not magnetic.  This is the fourth physical property and is proved in the picture above.  My locker magnet is placed by it but no pull towards each other is felt.  This proves the peel isn't magnetic.

Phy 5) The mass of the banana peel is the last physical property.  The mass is 15 g.  I determined this number be taking the total mass of the banana which is 120 g.  I got this info at this site.  I then divided it by 8 due to the info at this site that said that a banana peel is 1/8 the mass of the banana.  Therefore the mass is 120/8 = 15.

Chemical Properties:



Chem 1) The first chemical property is the ability of the banana peel to decompose.  As you can see in the before and after pictures above, over the course of 24 hours the banana peel already was starting to decompose.  If you look closely you can see in the after picture the peel on the inside is a dark brown.  This shows the beginnings of decomposition.

Chem 2) The second chemical property is the ability of the peel to light on fire.  It is plain to see in the picture, the banana peel is starting to light.  Although it won't burn by itself,  it most certainly will light if thrown into a fire.

Chem 3) Another chemical property is the corroding ability of the banana peel.  In the series of pictures shown above I put vinegar on the peel.  Although no changes are visible, there is a distinct smell which is a sign of a chemical change.  I'll leave this one for the pro's to decide on.

Chem 4) Yet another chemical property is that the banana peel doesn't react with water.  As shown in the above picture, there is no reaction with the water and the banana peel.

Chem 5) The last chemical property is the banana peels inability to rust.  Rust is caused by a chemical reaction between iron and air.  Since there is insufficient amounts of iron in the banana to rust, it can't.

I hope this journey through the universe of the banana peel has been insightful and interesting.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Simple Banana Peel

Once upon a time, I chanced upon a banana peel and I thought to myself, "Hmmm, that banana peel sure is cool.  I bet I can name 5 physical and 5 chemical properties of it."  If your reading this blog then you're about to find out if I can.  SPOILER ALERT : I can.